It was a fine September morning and our family was setting off by a Hired car to a cousinís wedding in Essex.

All went well until it was time to go home at about 5pm, when the air raid started, as we approached London and the Blackwall Tunnel, it became obvious this was no ordinary raid.

Ahead of us were thick smoke and flames and Ack- Ack. At one point a stranger knocked on the side window and begged us to take him to the tunnel area, as his wife was home alone. He squeezed in beside the three of us in the back, but alas we were soon stopping as all the raids leading to the tunnel were blocked with debris and fires, and the poor man continued as best he could.

Our driver eventually found his way out of the mayhem by many diversions, and up to London Bridge to cross the river and head homewards.

I was on duty at 8pm, and got some dirty looks from the O.C. Major Cowley, when I arrived an hour late still in my wedding gear, but he relented when in a brief lull, I explained the reason.

At the time of course we didnít realise that this was a major turning point in the Battle of Britain. When Hitler decided to bomb the cities instead of the airfields, thus giving our fighter squadrons time to recover and eventual victory. In mid September, but at what cost to those heavily bombed areas such as the London docks.

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