Hello I live in Sheffield, which was badly bombed in the war; I believe the Germans were trying to get the steel works in the east end of Sheffield. I recall my mother telling me her dad set off for work after one particular raid I think this would be early morning the family begged him not to go because he would have had to walk 3 mile to get to the steel works. Alas though he would not be deterred. He had to turn around and come home after walking 2 miles the whole of the town centre was still ablaze. Busses and trams were scattered everywhere. I believe my granddad helped out by comforting people and giving drinks of tea before returning home.

Another story I remember was how a bus conductor caught a German soldier on one of the busses. Unfortunately for the soldier he was caught because the eagle eyed conductor saw his boots were laced in the continental way. The police and army in the area had been looking for him for days!

My mum also told me how she used to hate the black out, one very snowy winter my mum and grandma couldn’t find their way home and fell down many times in the heavy snow!   

Ps. the German soldier had bailed out of his stricken plane over the peak district

Janet Chappell

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